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Old 11-20-2010, 08:33 PM
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Default Rocker Arm Removal

Apparently this engine is finally testing me or either teasing me, whatever. Contrary to popular belief, part of my sanity is still intact, but for the life of me a simple task of removing a "rocker arm" on a 6.0L Combine engine has me ready to submit to a frontal lobotomy. Forget the Book of Ford, it just says remove. To me this is simple: One bolt, one rocker arm controlling two valves. Rocker pad/plate secured by head bolt/stud. Remove the one bolt to release multi-functional rocker arm which should relax pressure on valve spring thus enabling extraction of rocker arm and pushrod and cure world hunger right? Okay, tell me more about the little clip just below the rocker arm. I know it has to be the key in releasing the rocker arm or, if released will result in a catastrophic event that will have me spewing a Turkey dinner from a year ago. Ok, long story short; best way to remove the rocker arm without creating additional mind slippage. For some idiotic reason, I don't want to pull the Studs out, instead I want to torture myself by learning the proper technique. So, can someone guide me in the proper direction? Short or long version is accepted graciously.
Thank you in advance.
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