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iMixDiesel&Gas 12-26-2014 07:52 PM

hey guys, got an 05 auto 4x4 and it runs very sluggish when its cold until about 10-15min until it warms up. truck is stock except for larger exhaust. stock headbolts. 240,000kms / 160,000miles

But whats weird is even when its warm ive been gettin shitty mileage.. like 400-450kms per tank (short box, 100L tank)... so about 250miles per tank.. this isnt normal.

getting little bit of blue smoke on startup and then goes almost white. once warm dont get any smoke. when I step on it no black smoke. tranny seems fine.

Im in vancouver here so it doesnt get that cold. I plug truck in at night anyways but doesnt make a big difference.

what ive done so far
CHECK'D FICM - 48V constant
did injector test - all good
coolant level has not changed
cleaned EGR valve - not that dirty
switched to 5w40syn, no difference from previous 15w40
turbo gauge going to 20psi or so when giving her, seems normal there.

ran a scan of the truck, 1st scan showed nothing, 2nd scan showed crankshaft position sensor, 3rd scan showed nothing..... so im not convinced its the sensor but will be replacing anyways. even if it was bad, doesnt make sense that when cold it runs bad but once warm it drives perfect but get bad mileage?

anybody have anything else I can check? i used a buddys scanner for the above but dont have any expensive software for this stuff.

scratching my head here.. any help is appreciated thanks :argh:

bustedknuckles 12-27-2014 09:53 AM

What fuel additive are you using?

detroitdiesel idi 12-27-2014 09:57 PM

Not the crank sensor your wasting money. Sounds like injector stiction put two bottles of revx in or polish spool valves

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