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Ford fan 05-14-2019 09:22 PM

No gauges no throttle. I have done that
I have done that means I've talked to anyone who knows about Ford and other forums and followed all advice but no luck.
It started with fuse #45 blowing occasionally then often. Before I get to the rest let me back up and just admit stupidity so we can get past that. I put in a stronger fuse. I was stuck, it's all I had left,blabla....
It did have a bare wire on shifter as many apparently have had. I changed it out. No gauges idles fine no throttle. From there I was told to get codes read. Hello, I cant drive it. No throttle. I ordered OBD11 and the lights were pretty but it says not connected to ECU and that's all it will say. I assumed next was throttle position sensor which I bought but hasn't arrived yet. So if it cant read ECU why would TPS make any change anyway? If it cant read is it bad? Is the OBD11 junk? Lastly, the click I usually hear under hood when I turn on key is also missing. And now it wont start at all. Did I blow a sensor? It's not a fuse. Fuel was not a problem as it was starting fine until I started snooping around the TPS. I own the fact I screwed it up but I need a truck and its blocking access to my shop full of boats I work on so will have to rent something and keep after this but where do I start if I cant get fault codes?

Heyman 05-17-2019 09:11 PM

You don't say what truck you are having this problem with! Having stated that, I wonder if the ECU has died. I have never seen or heard of an OBD II vehicle that wouldn't even acknowledge that the reader was plugged in.

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