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Old 07-01-2013, 05:54 AM
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Default dtcs p063c p031c and check gauges???

ok guys having some problems with the truck that are frustrating and puzzling me. for starters ive done some research from forum to forum but cant seem to get a cut an dry answer. doesnt appear to me that anyone really knows what the exact cause is and im kinda hoping someone that has been in my same spot will speak up. my wife was driving the truck because hers is makin an awful racket (another story) and she calls me to inform me that my truck is dinging and there are no lights on on the dash. i instructed her to look at the overhead (gm girl) and she told me its reading "catalyst full service reqd". OK? its deleted and straight piped. she came home i cleared it an it went away but came back. now its gone again but i jumped in it today an the lightning bolt was on so i shut it off an restarted a few times. it went away. then the check gauges light comes on. gauges are all working and all in the 'normal'. now the lightning bolt comes an goes an everytime i start the truck the check gauges light comes on an stays. wtf. read the codes it has a p061c and a p063c plus a p0102. (just oiled air filter must have went a little heavy on the oil) but the other two are what puzzles me. took the battery cables off tonight did a thourough cleaning. still there. any ideas guys? im about to update my h&s but hate to. truck runs good im getting good mileage an have ran the same tune for the last 10k. i just put an order through for rail plug, bigline kit, and ccv filter breather (with intentions off deleting ccv) before this happened today. as the majority of the blame was put on not having plugged rail (or low fuel pressure) and clogged ccv for the 'catalyst full service reqd' message but like i said its gone now. and i wasnt convinced when i bought the items they would clear that message anyway. but now i have these codes which are ecm/voltage related plus the check gauges. i had read cleaning CPS sensor may remedy the p061c and am going out to do so and check grounds again. hoping that will fix it. any help appriciated guys. and sorry for the long post. trying to minimize OP info lacking questions.
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