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Default 4th turbo on 2007.5 2500 and still in limp mode


Hopefully someone has a suggestion or an answer. We have 2500 Ram with 112,000 miles. We bought it in 2010 with 74,000 miles. This truck has been down for 8 months now. We took the truck to a diesel mechanic because it was in limp mode, he told us the EGR was total clogged. He cleaned the EGR system, then said it needed a turbo. so we replaced the turbo. The truck is still stuck in a limp mode. We cleaned the EGR system again, including both cats, still stuck in limp mode. Finally, after doing some more research, i find out the truck had never had the regeneration recall done on it. Now my truck is still at the dealership, it just had the reprogramming done and its in the limp mode STILL! The dealership told my DH, they have never heard of a diesel needing 4 turbos and only have 112,000 miles. They are at such a loss as to what is wrong, they said they are now taking parts off a "working" diesel and replaced them on my just to see if they can get things to work.

On a side note, in the last couple of weeks i pulled a carfax on this truck (which i should have done before buying it). The first turbo was replaced at 52,000 miles and then again at 64,000 miles and now again at 112,000. The dealership we got the truck from KNEW about the recall and never perform it (but they did change the oil & filer, trany flush, rotated tires and basic maintenance just not the recall. We never even received a recall notice, i just happened across it while looking for info on my trucks issue. From what i read, if the truck would have had the recall 3 years ago, we may not be in this boat now.

Now for my question, is this truck a lemon OR is it worth fighting to get it on the road? I am not sure i will ever trust this truck again. 4 turbos seems to be a lot of a truck with only 112,000 miles. Or will just doing an EGR delete solve our issues? I really like this truck but it seems to be an endless pit.

I am open to suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Old 06-29-2013, 08:43 AM
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I would recommend deleting the egr and dpf/cat.you can still find programmers with delete programs in them on this website or craigslist.
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I would also delete the crankcase filter and tube.right now it vents the oil vapors into intake tube pre turbo on your intake tube causing oil build up in your turbo. Could be why your frying turbos. Remove the crankcase filter and remove guts of the filter put top portion back in it acts as a gasket.remove tube to intake tube and plug hole.buy about 3ft of rubber tubing 3/4 slip over slip over exit hole at back of valve cover and run it down to frame somewhere. Now you have a vent tube like the older trucks.it wont throw codes either
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Has anyone put an OBD II diagnostic tool on your truck to see what codes are active, because one of the moduals has to be saying something and putting it into limp mode. Since these trucks have so many sensors for emissions only ONE can give you hell. Your truck has a VGT Turbo, and their may be a code saying the turbo has an issue but the vgt may be the main source of the issue in the circuit, BUT their may be another issue hiding behind the turbo codes. You need to find someone with the knowledge and tools to fiqure this issue out, not all dealer ship technicians have the knowledge for these trucks with DPFS, and regeneration techniques. If your DPF filter is clogged you need to do a regeneration on it to burn the soot out of the filter. Try to find a reputable diesel perfomance shop.

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The EGR and dpf delete are great things to do for your truck, except one problem the EPA has hammerd these companies creating these delete kits, they are fairly easy to do and will make your truck run and last longer. But I think you need to find the cause of the issue fist before you spend money on a EGR delete kit.

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