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Zeb Impton 06-10-2018 08:33 AM

1999 freightliner p700
Just bought a 1999 freightliner p700. It's an old fedex step van. We're using it for our business now but it is definitely turned DOWN somehow. I've never owned a cummins of any year so work with me here.
On the vp44 injection pump I notice a very shiney new, what appears to be a pump. It says 12VDC on it which I assume is normal voltage it should run at. So directly below there's a boot cover over what feels like a spring. I'm wondering if this contraption was FedEx way of limiting the power of this motor because the thing can't even maintain 65mph! Any suggestions on how to at least get stock power back?
Ill get a picture later today for you. Thanks for any input at all.

Zeb Impton 06-10-2018 10:03 AM

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Here is what I'm talking about.

Zeb Impton 06-11-2018 10:47 AM

turns out this is a 12v with p7100 pump. I guess freightliner still used this in 1999. I now know

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