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ive found a 07 duramax about 5 hours away from me from a guy who knows a guy , who knows a guy who's buddy has it and took it in on a trade. Guy is a backyard dealer and doesnt have a lot.. sells ... JOIN NOW TO REMOVE TRACER

Purchase 07 Duramax or not ??

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Old 09-18-2013, 04:37 PM
Diesel Fan

Question Purchase 07 Duramax or not ??

ive found a 07 duramax about 5 hours away from me from a guy who knows a guy , who knows a guy who's buddy has it and took it in on a trade. Guy is a backyard dealer and doesnt have a lot.. sells 3 or 4 vehicles a month.... Says its a one owner truck.

ext cab , leather, all power, 4x4 , looks stock and is very clean from pics..with 285k on it.... can get it for around 13k...

I just bought a 02 2500HD with a 6.0 last month for a helluva deal to use for weekend towing duty... it pulls ok, and did what I wanted to do but the 02 duramax i have borrowed previously pulled a whole lot better ....

talk me into , or out of this 07 duramax ........... any problems right off the top i should look for ? miles too high for the price ?? pros and cons ???
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Old 09-19-2013, 12:49 PM
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that's a lot of miles on an 07. sounds like its been on the open road quite a bit...

more miles on it than my 2000 has... (239K)

13k does sound pretty cheap though for the year... that's about what I paid for my truck 5 years ago. (funny thing is it is still worth that value has actually gone up in recent years with the diesel market)

so that being said...kinda makes me wonder what is wrong with it besides the miles? or do duracraps just not hold their value like a cummins? (kidding...but was serious about the whats wrong with it comment.)

jigabop's Sig:'00 2500 Sport 4x4 Cummins, powered by the ultra high performance 53 block and the never failing SOVP44! 576hp/1285tq 8/10/2013
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Old 09-19-2013, 03:17 PM
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the miles is what has kept me from going and getting it already ... if it was closer to 225k on mileage id already have it. Truck is clean as can be from the pictures... I figure it was owned by a older person with a camper.
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Old 09-20-2013, 12:39 PM
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yeah, that kinda mileage means a lot of stuff on the truck is going to be ready for replacement...

I've had to replace pretty much my whole front end in my truck

steering assembly (tie rod, ends, and drag link), track bar, steering box, hub assemblies, passenger front u-joint, calipers and rotors...hydroboost lines, and now it needs a heater core. seems never ending once miles get up there...

sure the motor has been great, but the dodge around it seems to be falling apart

other than that junk IFS, chevy front ends aren't as bad as dodges, nor is the motor as heavy which seems to help the issue along faster... so as long as there are no common issues with dmaxes the motor should last another 200k+ easy. just how many issues with the truck are you willing to deal with before you give up?

high mileage rigs just LOVE to nickle and dime you to death!

my truck is like a damn woman...can't go a month without wanting something shiny and new

I'm not bias on chevy vs ford vs dodge...

I think the cummins is the best motor, but I don't think dodge is the best truck... hell I daily drive an 87 chevy S10 2.5L 4-spd. thing runs like a top! bought it for 1k and all I have had to do to it in the past 3 years is change the oil and put gas in it. just keeps going and going at 205K miles

so if you do get it, might want to get a cheap backup vehicle as well...finding a high mileage rig that is 100% problem free is like finding a grain of salt in the sand. good luck!
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Old 09-20-2013, 04:38 PM
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it would actually be a 2nd or 3rd vehicle for me .... Ive got a company vehicle that I do 75% of my driving in.

Most of the rest of my running around is done in a 99 jeep cherokee 4x4 with 250K on it, and id drive it almost anywhere. For about a year i was making a 720 mile round trip in it every other weekend.

I gave my 96 1500 (with 125k on it) to my dad to pull his boat with, and I started looking for a 2500 4 door, 4x4 diesel. Im pretty patient and looked for about 3 months and didnt have anything jump out at me deal wise ...... Until .. while traveling for work i saw a very clean 2500HD ext cab on a little used car lot and stopped to look at it.
It had $6500 on the window, but when I got close I could see it wasnt a diesel. Salesman walked out and we talked and I told him not really interested since it wasnt diesel. He already had the keys and said go drive it ...... so, for the heck of it i drove it since i had not driven a 6.0 2500 4x4 truck before .
A/c didnt blow cold, something in the back of the truck rattled like heck while driving, and it had a pretty good noise under the hood ...
I stopped and ckd before i went back to lot ... found a/c idler locked up and a/c belt gone, could tell by rust on pulley that it hadnt had belt on it in a while..but compressor turned free and i ckd the schradder valve and it still had good freon pressure in the system so it probably didnt have any leaks.
Noise under hood was bearings going out in alternator... rattle was tailgate and a broken exhaust hanger..
Went back to the lot and told him it had some problems and described them but didnt tell him what I had found and I thanked him for his time.

he said well make me a offer what ya think its worth.., ..... long story short I took it home for 4k.

A $100 alternator rebuild , a $27 idler pulley and $25 a/c belt, adjusted the tailgate and fixed the exhaust hanger.... and so far its been great. has over 200k on it but the front end is tight and it drives great.

I may put 5k miles on it a year between picking up stuff from the home improvement stores, towing the boat, and towing my tractor (8500# w/ trailer) to the hunting lease 125 mile rd trip twice a year.... my 96 1500 only had 125k on it and I owned it since new.

I still want a diesel but I will probably let Dave Ramsey talk me into keeping this one for a couple of years and then move up.... by then I can pay cash for a lower mileage one in the 05-07 range.
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